What is a Pallet Stacker?

what is a pallet stacker?

EUR, FIN, CHEP, and custom pallets are at the heart of many industries. They are used in almost every sector, from logistics and warehousing to retail, manufacturing, and construction. Pallets are a crucial part of modern supply chains, providing a standardized platform for the movement of goods across various industries.

Their use should promote cost-effectiveness and overall logistics optimization. However, pallet stacks falling over and pallet damage are common issues, but they are avoidable.

Enhance Loading, Unloading, and Storage of Pallets with PalletMaster®

Pallet Master manufactures automatic and semi-automatic pallet stackers, optimizing pallet stack storage and reuse. Additionally, pallet stackers enhance safety and productivity by eliminating manual pallet handling.

With PalletMaster®, empty pallets can be loaded and unloaded into the stacker using the same forklift or pallet jack that brings the pallets in. This not only reduces the risk of workplace accidents associated with manual pallet handling but also saves storage space, ensures straight and intact pallet stacks, and reduces unnecessary forklift traffic, speeding up and optimizing work processes.

Safe working environments

Moreover, stacking pallets can be a challenge in many work environments. Getting a tall and straight stack is difficult and often impossible, resulting in multiple stacks. Accidental collisions can easily fell the entire stack, causing pallet damage and potentially other environmental damage. Additionally, if the stack has been built high using a forklift, safely retrieving the top pallet can be very challenging.

To make work productive and safe, it’s often better for your employees to focus on essential tasks rather than pallet stacking or unstacking. Therefore, PalletMaster® pallet stackers ensure work is done where it’s needed, and pallet stacks remain tidy and intact, safe from other traffic.

Benefits of a Palletmaster®

Customize the PalletMaster® for your needs!

Forklifts protection barrier set

Forklift protection barriers are designed specifically to be installed at the front corners of pallet stackers and they provide effective protection against potential collisions. This keeps your pallet stacker intact and steady, especially with electric forklifts.

Custom colors

Our standard colors include dark gray (RAL 7024) and red (RAL 3020), distinctive to PalletMaster® pallet stackers. If needed, we can also customize the device in special colors to seamlessly integrate with your company’s brand. Customization is straightforward, and we can paint the side panels and additional protective barriers in the color of your choice. Galvanised or stainless-steel stackers are also available.

Guard fences and overfill sensor

Guard fences and overfill sensor are available for both S and M-sized devices, ensuring safety and efficiency in all conditions.

Freeze guard

Installing an electric PalletMaster® device in cold environments is possible with our specialized cold weather installation kit. The freeze guard ensures the device operates flawlessly even in extremely low temperatures, down to -25°C.

Modular design

PalletMaster® pallet stackers are designed to fit most common pallet types, but they can be easily adapted for special pallets due to their modular structure.

Would you like more information or to place an order? Feel free to get in touch, and let’s customize a pallet stacking solution that perfectly meets your needs!

Pioneering Pallet Handling

Pallet Master play a crucial role in improving warehouse working conditions. Precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness are areas where pallet stackers can make an impact. By improving employee working conditions, actively reducing the risk of workplace accidents, and reducing forklift traffic in the work environment, measurable benefits can be achieved that improve the entire business.

Explore our range of products or contact our experts directly, and we will deliver cost-effective and ready-to-use solutions that improve your productivity, efficiency, and safety.