Maximize Efficiency
with Pneumatic Pallet Stackers

Stack up to 25 pallets, 1000 kg capacity

Upgrade your operations with Pneumatic PalletMaster® pallet stackers, capable of handling stacks up to 25 pallets high and a maximum weight of 1000 kg. This powerful system, driven by compressed air, effortlessly stacks or unstacks one or multiple pallets at a time, streamlining your workflow. Load or unload pallets easily using either a pallet truck or forklift. Experience enhanced productivity and organization with our versatile pallet stacking solutions.

Enhance Your Pallet Storage with Automated Pallet Stackers

PalletMaster® pallet stackers are designed to revolutionize pallet storage in industrial environments. Pneumatic pallet stackers are suitable for a wide range of industries, from retail to logistics centers, wherever pallets are handled.

Manual handling of pallets is not only prone to accidents but also time-consuming. With pallet weights ranging from 15 to 25 kg, manual lifting can be a significant concern in many workplaces.

PalletMaster® pallet stackers are designed to eliminate the need for manual labor. Pneumatic pallet stackers are not only convenient but also automatic and easy to use, eliminating many risks associated with pallet handling. While pneumatic pallet stackers require continuous compressed air to operate, they enhance operations where pallet storage is essential.

Effortless Operation,
Significant Benefits

Pneumatic pallet stackers are effortless to use. When you drive a full stack into the device, it lifts all but the bottom pallet, leaving the bottom pallet easily accessible for unloading.

Stacks of 25 pallets can often be hazardous, not only because they can cause damage to both the environment and people if they fall but also because they are tall, and retrieving the top pallet can be extremely challenging. With pneumatic PalletMaster® pallet stackers, stacking up to 25 pallets is effortless and safe. New pallets are always readily available without staff having to reach for the topmost pallets. Additionally, forklift traffic decreases, improving workplace safety.

Safe working environment

In addition to safety and ease of use, PalletMaster® ensures that pallets remain clean and intact, as they are not dropped or knocked over. You can rely on pallets having a long lifespan while maintaining a clean work environment.

Pneumatic pallet stackers bring several benefits to the workplace. Elevate your pallet handling experience to the next level with PalletMaster® pallet stackers and experience their efficiency and the benefits they offer.

Versatile features

Optional accessories for Pneumatic PalletMaster® pallet stackers include safety barriers, overfill sensor, forklift protectors for front corners, signal beacons, and guard fence for PalletMaster® M and L models.

Explore all accessories and customization options, or contact our sales team directly. We’ll help you find the pallet stacker that suits your needs.

Technical Specifications

ModelSizePallet standard /
Operating energy
Pallet size (mm)CapacityPallet dispenser
measurements (mm)
PalletMaster®SEUR / Pneumatic1200 x 80016 pallets 500 kg1500 x 1400 x 1020
PalletMaster®SEUR / Pneumatic1200 x 100016 pallets 500 kg1500 x 1600 x 1020
PalletMaster®MEUR / Pneumatic1200 x 80016 pallets 500 kg1500 x 1400 x 2430
PalletMaster®MEUR / Pneumatic1200 x 100016 pallets 500 kg1500 x 1600 x 2430
PalletMaster®LEUR / Pneumatic1200 x 80025 pallets 1000kg1500 x 1400 x 3830
PalletMaster®LEUR / Pneumatic1200 x 100025 pallets 1000kg1500 x 1600 x 3830


Other solutions

Electric PalletMaster® Pallet Stackers
and Half Pallet Stackers

Fully automatic loading and unloading functions. Additionally, choose quick action for loading or unloading only.

PalletMaster® 1–5 Pallet Stackers

The device can handle 1-5 pallets at a time for automatic
stacking or retrieving.