Enhance Your Operations with Electric Pallet Stackers and Automate Stacking

Unstacking, and Storage of up to 25 Pallets

Upgrade your operational efficiency with advanced Electric PalletMaster® pallet stackers, offering automatic pallet stacking capabilities. With a stacking height of up to 25 pallets and a maximum capacity of 1000 kg, our electric pallet stackers simplify pallet handling. Stack or unstack one or the whole stack of pallets at a time, reducing manual labor and optimizing workflow. Seamlessly integrate PalletMaster® into your operations. Choose innovation, choose electric pallet stackers, and enhance productivity and streamline your workflow.

Efficient and Flexible Pallet Handling

PalletMaster® electric pallet stackers are efficient tools for warehouses, retail stores, logistics centers, and work environments where empty FIN, EUR, and CHEP pallets are handled.

Electric pallet stackers are efficient workhorses that stack either a single pallet at the bottom or the entire stack at once, storing them neatly in a stack that won’t fall over. This ensures intact pallets ready for reuse, maintaining a tidy storage area and enhancing workplace safety.

Pallet stacking and unstacking are easy thanks to the device’s control panel. Electric and automatic pallet stackers also offer flexibility in cold environments (<-25˚C), as they come with an optional frost guard accessory, keeping the PalletMaster® pallet stacker operational. Contact our sales for more information.

Optional accessories for Electric PalletMaster® pallet stackers include safety barriers, overfill sensor, forklift protectors for front corners, signal beacons, and guard fence for PalletMaster® M and L models.

PalletMaster® for 1/2 pallets

Pallet Master provides pallet stacking solutions for 1/2 pallets. Stacking 1/2 pallets (600 x 800 mm) is easy and effortless with the Electric PalletMaster® pallet stacker, which operates electrically and brings the same benefits to the work environment as pallet stackers designed for EUR and FIN pallets.

When stacking and storing 1/2 pallets, it’s essential to keep them intact and tidy. While 1/2 pallets are smaller and lighter than EUR and FIN pallets, handling them can still be time-consuming and often ergonomically challenging. With PalletMaster® pallet stackers, you improve employee ergonomics and workplace safety and cleanliness.

Optional accessories for 1/2 pallet stackers include overfilling sensor, forklift protection barrier set, guard fence, and cold temperature package for eletric machines. Contact us for more information!

Technical Specifications

ModelSizePallet standard /
Operating energy
Pallet size (mm)CapacityPallet dispenser
measurements (mm)
PalletMaster®M 1/2 PalletsElectric600 x 80016 pallets 250 kg1350 x 860 x 2430
PalletMaster®L 1/2 PalletsElectric600 x 80025 pallets 500 kg1350 x 860 x 3730
PalletMaster®SEUR / Electric1200 x 80016 pallets 500 kg1500 x 1400 x 1020
PalletMaster®SFIN / Electric1200 x 100016 pallets 500 kg1500 x 1400 x 1020
PalletMaster®MEUR / Electric1200 x 80016 pallets 500 kg1500 x 1400 x 2430
PalletMaster®MFIN / Electric1200 x 100016 pallets 500 kg1500 x 1400 x 2430
PalletMaster®LEUR / Electric1200 x 80025 pallets 1000kg1500 x 1400 x 3830
PalletMaster®LFIN / Electric1200 x 100025 pallets 1000kg1500 x 1400 x 3830


Other solutions

Pneumatic PalletMaster®
Pallet Stackers

Fully automatic loading and unloading functions. The device requires compressed air and a 230V power outlet. Capacity for stacking 15 or 25 pallets.

PalletMaster® 1–5 Pallet Stackers

The device can handle 1-5 pallets at a time for automatic
stacking or retrieving.