PalletMaster® 1–5 Pallet Stackers

PalletMaster® 1–5 Pallet Stackers

Unstacking, and Storage of up to 5 Pallets

Pallet Master offers a flexible and practical solution for storing up to 5 empty pallets at a time in various work environments. PalletMaster® 1–5 is a pallet stacker that provides flexibility and smoothness, optimizing pallet storage.

Experience seamless loading, unloading and storage of pallets with PalletMaster®. 1–5 pallet stacker operates fully electrically with a 230V power supply, allowing you to load and unload up to 5 empty pallets at once.

Functionality at the Core of Work

Use a manual forklift or a pallet truck for stacking and unstacking pallets. All functions are controlled at ground level for added comfort and ergonomic efficiency, eliminating dangerous stretching and twisting movements.

Select from the control panel how many pallets you want to stack or unstack. PalletMaster® system determines the required action, whether stacking or unstacking, and handles one to five pallets at a time. Depending on the model, each pallet stacker can accommodate 15 or 25 pallets and always dispenses the desired number of new empty pallets ready for use.

The PalletMaster® 1–5 pallet stacker demonstrates its efficiency in stores, wholesale outlets, packaging facilities, warehouses, or logistics centers where stacking, unstacking, or storage of multiple pallets at once is required. PalletMaster® 1–5 proves its usefulness in work environments that require continuous management of larger quantities of pallets.

Technical Specifications

ModelSizePallet standard /
Operating energy
Pallet size (mm)CapacityPallet dispenser
measurements (mm)
PalletMaster®MEUR / Electric1200 x 80016 pallets 500 kg1550 x 1400 x 2150
PalletMaster®MFIN / Electric1200 x 100016 pallets 500 kg1550 x 1600 x 2150
PalletMaster®LEUR / Electric1200 x 80025 pallets 500 kg1550 x 1600 x 3568
PalletMaster®LFIN / Electric1200 x 100025 pallets 500 kg1550 x 1600 x 3568

how the PalletMaster® 1–5 Pallet Stacker works

Other solutions

Pneumatic PalletMaster®
Pallet Stackers

Fully automatic loading and unloading functions. The device requires compressed air and a 230V power outlet. Capacity for stacking 15 or 25 pallets.

Electric PalletMaster® Pallet Stackers
and Half Pallet Stackers

Fully automatic loading and unloading functions. Additionally, choose quick action for loading or unloading only.